Back to School with Paragon CRT®

Whether your child is learning from home or headed back into the classroom, clear vision is vital for their academic success!

At CooperVision Specialty EyeCare, we help change the lives of children whose classroom performance may be hindered by nearsightedness. Our revolutionary Paragon CRT® overnight contact lenses correct vision overnight, giving your child freedom from glasses and daytime contacts.

Have peace of mind knowing your child is performing at their best with this safe, effective, FDA-approved nearsighted treatment option.

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Nearsightedness is Growing at an Alarming Rate


Increase in Nearsightedness cases in the USA since 19713

0.5 Billion

People will be affected by Nearsightedness by 20204

Age 0

When children can start to develop Nearsightedness5


of urban Asian children suffer from Nearsightedness6

How does your child see their world?

Ever wondered what your child sees at school? Or how they see when playing sports? Find out by using our Levels of Nearsightedness Experience tool and see firsthand the impact on your child’s vision and quality of life.

Launch the Levels of Nearsightedness Experience

Could your child be nearsighted?

Have you noticed your child squinting while working on homework, complaining of headaches, or excessively rubbing their eyes? These are common signs of nearsightedness. Take this simple assessment to find out if your child could be nearsighted and find a certified Paragon CRT® doctor near you!

Myopia Assessment


If your child has been diagnosed with nearsightedness, or displays some of the common symptoms, Paragon CRT®contact lenses offer a non-invasive, safe, and proven treatment option. Schedule an appointment for a complimentary screening with a certified Paragon CRT® eye care professional today.

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